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Welcome to our virtual Cafe Telephone!


Curator's Letter


“Welcome to 'A Night in Motion,' the third part of Cafe Telephone's salon series which spotlights collaborative dance and motion-based work! Cafe Telephone began as a project that examined how we navigate both human connection and communication in an increasingly globalized and digitalized world. Today in 2020, our Cafe's vision feels more important than ever.


COVID-19 presented all of us, especially in the creative community, with immense difficulties. This year has brought so much change - both this pandemic and our nation’s reckoning with racism has challenged us, broken our hearts, and even in the midst of global pause, it has set us all in motion. The work in this year’s Cafe Telephone explores the multitudes of what it means for us all to exist in 2020- through joy and pain, through dreams, longing, and explorations of our unique identities and journeys. With these challenges came the opportunity and responsibility to connect with and support our local community as well as to bring our artists together again. We are thrilled to have partnered with a venue that will allow us a safe place to share our voices.”

Meiying Thai

Director, Curator

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OME (2019)

Director, Choreographer, Performer, Producer: Camila Arroyo, Cinematographer: Isaiah Sears, Editor: Axel Cuevas de Chaunac "losmose," Music: Diego Hauz, Produced by Camila Arroyo in partnership with Stereoma Films

Location: NY, NY / Mexico City, Mexico

Get Up (2020)

Dancer/Director: Courtney Lavine, Camera Operator/Editor: Lauren Mendoza, Music: Gregory Richardson, Camera assistant: Hilla Eden

Location: New York, NY 

forgotten. (2020)

Director, Choreographer, writer, interpreter: Patricia Zhou, Filmed by: Mark Escribano at Standard Vision Studios, Music: Schumann, Carnaval Op.09-5 Eusebius

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Inseparable (2020)

Directors: Amanda de Oliveira, Christian Klein, Assistant Director: Nika Burnett, Producers: Carlo Fiorio, Amanda de Oliveira, Produced by Carlo Fiorio, Cinematography: Christian Klein, Editing: Nika Burnett, Choreographer/Dancer: Amanda de Oliveira, Special thanks to Spectra Film & Video, Colin Moran, Meiying Thai, Jamie Silverstein

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Let We Forget (2020)

Dancer: Helga París-Morales, Director: Helga París-Morales, Emmanuel Porquin, Producer: Helga París-Morales, Emmanuel Porquin, Camera Operator/Editor: Emmanuel Porquin, Music: Esperanza Spalding

Location: Washington D.C.

Dos (2020)

Directed by Emily Cardea

Dancers: Emily Cardea, Meiying Thai

Cinematography: Michelle Czerwinski

Director's Assistant: Mara Tuccio

Special Thanks: Alice Plati

Location: New York, NY

Flâneuse (2020)

Dancer: Manon Falgoux, Director: Myriam Doumenq, Director of Photography: Maxime Sabin, Original Soundtrack: Martin Leterme, Color Grading: Florine Bel

Location: Paris, France

Vimeo password : JontaeGodLin-queen

Godlin (2020)

Director/Boy 1: Jontae McCrory, Boy 2: Jerimy Rivera, Cinematographer: Jonathan Auger, Mirror Holder: Rion Taylor, Camera Assistance: Alexia Toman, Assistant Director: Laurent Dery-Lauzier, Set Photographer: Julian Vasquez Diaz

About: Godlin is the pilot of a 7-part dance film series directed and choreographed by Jontae McCrory. 

Location: Montreal, Canada

A GIFT TO MYSELF: An Answer (2020)

A Film by Synead and Caroline Xia

Location: New York, NY 

Party of One (2020)

Dancer: Kassandra Cruz, Director of Photography: Alice Plati

Location: New York, NY

Thank you so much for joining us! To connect with the artists please email us or join us on Instagram 

@cafe_telephone. If you are hosting your own Cafe Telephone screening please tag us and share your location- we are so thrilled to share this project with our global community!


Thank you to all our visitors from around the world who have attended our virtual Cafe! We're excited to add a new film to the collection created exclusively for and we hope to continue facilitating these moving collaborations in the future!

Entretanto (2020)

Choreography and performance by Telmo Moreira, Filmed by Ralph Molina, Music: "Human" by Sevdaliza

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

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