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Cafe Telephone


 Cafe Telephone is rooted in a sense of community, play, motion and global collaboration.

Kassandra Cruz / Meiying Thai

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Recent Cafe Telephone Projects:

Saturday March 13, 2021

1:00-3:00 pm

High Line Nine

507 West 27th Street



The Cafe itself is ever-changing: inherently ephemeral by nature, it lives and breathes in moments of our collective make-believe.

Courtney Lavine / Lauren Mendoza

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About Cafe Telephone

Founded in 2015, ​Cafe Telephone​ is an ongoing series of pop-up artist salons curated by New York City-based artist and curator Meiying Thai. The Cafe produces and showcases experimental multimedia collaborations in intimate gatherings and environments. Cafe Telephone has evolved over the years, from DIY artist happenings to large-scale global 'Telephone' games, the largest of which featured sixty artists based in fourteen countries. Its current form centers dance and motion-based work in a series titled 'A Night in Motion.' Inspired by travel and the magic of cafe culture—and rooted in the idea of cross-cultural conversation—Cafe Telephone further serves as a platform for a growing community of international artists.


Our production team is made up of visual artists, dancers, designers, photographers, and filmmakers from around the world who bring our Cafes to life.


Our salons are dynamic, raw, and experimental.

Synead / Caroline XIa


We highlight creative process and multimedia collaboration.

Meiying Thai / Camila Arroyo

Our goal is to foster genuine human connections while creating intimate and expansive experiences with art.

Emily Cardea / Michelle Czerwinski

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Amanda De Oliveira / Christian Klein

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